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  • Basic Consultation - FREE!

Call me and I can help you navigate the world of essential oils and determine which essential oils are best for you. This is a phone consultation lasting up to 30 minutes. Contact me!

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  • Customized Essential Oils Blend Consultation 

Use essential oils for healing the emotional and spiritual body.  Consultation is a discovery into the beliefs and habits you are unconsciously using to hold you back.  We will take a journey together and tap into the mind body connection to decipher what your body is telling you it needs and what is holding you back from what you want.  Each consultation includes a customized blend of essential oils in 1/4 dram vial along with a set of affirmations.  Consultation sessions typically last approximately 90 minutes. 

  • Check out my Events listing and attend my classes.  I teach several classes in Houston on essential oils and their uses. Classes give you the opportunity to experience the oils and I can help you determine which ones are right for you!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the "life blood" or "soul" of the plant. Since plants are by nature stationary, they have developed an immune system that can filter out whatever the environment offers them from contaminated water to attacks from insects, bacteria, viruses and fungus.  

Essential oils are extracted from plants using a variety of processes, including cold pressing or steam distillation. The amount of botanical required to make a single drop of essential oil varies according to the plant; for instance:

1 drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to approximately 25-28 cups of peppermint tea
500 pounds of lavender flowers make 1 pound of lavender essential oil
4000 pounds of Bulgarian roses make 1 pound of rose essential oil

Remember essential oils are the concentrated essence of the plant with all the value of its immune system and other beneficial properties.  

Essential Oil Uses

Essential oils can be used to treat physical body ailments such as skin cuts and scrapes, sore throats, stomach aches and improving digestive issues, opening airways and improving respiratory function. 

  • Peppermint essential oils is good for digestion, respiratory function and headaches.
  • Lavender is good for cuts, scrapes and general skin health.

They can also be used to improve you mood by uplifting, elevating, calming and grounding. 
Uplifting, elevating essential oils are lemon, orange, tangerine and other citrus oils.
Calming essential oils are lavender and chamomile.
Grounding essential oils are sandalwood and frankincense. 

Essential oils can be used for cleaning and other household uses. 

  • Add lemon essential oil to a vinegar water solution to disinfect countertops. 
  • Immune boosting blends such as Ameo's Proshield can be mixed with water as a hand sanitizer.
  • Add rosemary and peppermint oils to your conditioner for an invigorating scalp treatment.

Essential oils can be used for emotional healing.  Each essential oil has its own vibration which can be used to support emotional and spiritual upgrades. Set up a consultation with me where I create a customized essential oil blend to help you upgrade. Scroll down to learn more..

How do I apply Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be introduced into the body in three ways: aromatically, topically and internally.  

Each method delivers the essential oil into the body in a slightly different way.  Depending on the condition you are treating, you choose which method to use.  

  • Aromatic use is inhaling the oil and is the most effective method for getting the oils to the brain to affect mood.  
  • Topical use is applying the oil to the skin where the skin absorbs the oil and introduces it into the blood stream.  
  • Internal use is Ingesting the oil which introduces the essential oils into the body through digestive system. 

The importance is easy to understand since you want to help your body heal or elevate your mood without causing other issues or taxing your body with additional toxins.  

Only use essential oils that are not contaminated, impure or diluted with synthetics.  

There are only a few companies which provide an ingestable level of purity.  

Where do I get Essential Oils?

When choosing essential oils, the main consideration is the level of purity of the essential oil. However you chose to use essential oils, you are introducing this oil into your body. Purity matters!

There are only a few companies which provide a high level of purity which is ingestable; and all are online.  

The highest level of purity is clinical grade. Clinical grade is higher than food grade (ingestable) and therapeutic grade.  Clinical grade means that the oils has met the standards set by scientists for studies on the effects of a particular oil on a physical condition.  Abstracts of these studies are available by the National Institute of Health's website:

Ameo provides clinical grade essential oils.  Ameo means "alma" which is soul in Italian and "rico" which means rich in Spanish.  Ameo's essential oils can be purchased here.

Contact me if you need help deciding on which oils are right for you.