Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Understanding the Factors Related to Weight

The Role of Food

Eating healthy – nutrition, vitamins and other nutrients.  
Consult a nutritionist to create meal plan that is appropriate for your body, health concerns and weight loss goals.

Portion control

The Role of Movement

Increasing your movement through increased activity in your daily life and exercise.
Working with a personal trainer to create exercise plan and increasing your activity level

The Role of Water

Planning for your success

Making a commitment

Going deeper… Weight is not just about food.

Discovering the underlying reasons for weight… wanting to fill in the void, de-stress, comfort, identification with others, codependency, anger, sadness, guilt, feelings of unsafe or security

How Hypnosis Helps With Weight Loss

Hypnosis is about working with your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind regulates all aspects of your body, breathing, heart rate, metabolic functions, as well as, other behavioral programs (autopilot).

Using the basic and advanced techniques of hypnosis, to introduce positive suggestions, release negative programming and replace with new positive programming. 

Hypnosis Program for Weight Loss

Since there are many factors that affect weight, multiple sessions are required for effective weight loss. Hypnosis Weight Loss Programs are typically 10 sessions with two sessions every week. Package pricing is available.

Part 1: Physical: Using hypnosis to work on the physical body to balance the body, speed up metabolism, and start new habits of eating.  Using water to help you with the process.

Part 2: Mind: Using hypnosis to keep you motivated and work through your mind-body to help create a new body. Reshaping your body starts in your mind.

Part 3: Behavior: Using hypnosis to create new behavior such as loving your diet, loving exercise and loving to drink water.

Part 4: Releasing Unwanted Programs: Using hypnosis to release subconscious blocks or programs that are keeping you from your ideal weight and reprogramming your mind with strong, empowering positive suggestion.

Part 5: Creating the new you: Using hypnosis to create the new you which is your new ideal body AND your new found self confidence, self esteem and self love.