We value our customers' experience at All of You Healing. Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.


  • "I was able to have a deep restful sleep for the first time in months after our hypnosis session and I woke up energized and ready to tackle the day."
    Gloria Surrey, Houston, TX
  • "Her essential oils custom blends that she made for me have helped me with my menopausal symptoms. It literally stopped my hot flash! I am so grateful to her."
    SJR, Houston, TX
  • "I was able to resist the urge to panic after one [hypnosis] session. After the session I received bad news and instead of spiraling I made some calls and found the solution. Claudia is great! I appreciate her so much!"
    AT, Houston, TX
  • "I stopped smoking after 60 years of being a smoker. I was smoking 10 cigarettes a day right up to the day we did the first [hypnosis] session then never again. I had a few cravings but those were less and less as each day past until they went away after the second session. Claudia made it fun. I found a new lease on life. It is a great day and a great life!"
    RJM, Houston, TX
  • "By far the best intellectual experience I've ever had. I will admit, what you hear about hypnosis is scary, but I could not have been more comfortable and at ease. I enjoyed it sincerely and will definitely be back and recommend her every chance I get!"
    Stephanie S., Pasadena, TX
  • "I hired Claudia to help me with some emotional challenges I was dealing with. In a single session she helped to unblock me and feel excited again. Claudia was incredibly professional and caring. I would recommend her services without hesitation."
    Shane W., Spring Branch, TX
  • "I have done an oils session followed by a hypnosis session by Claudia and I must say, I have never been so in touch with myself! I used to have very, very low self esteem and these sessions have taught me how to love myself and redirect my negative thinking into positive outcomes! She is very knowledgeable as to what the oils do, represent and which oils will mix to make an impact on your body! She can explain it so much better then I could and I cannot wait to get my second oil session!! Thank you Claudia!!"
    Stephanie S., Houston, TX
  • "I suffered from severe hot flashes for years and tried every medicine recommended to me by my doctor. Nothing worked Then I met Claudia Autry who told me about a hot flash essential oil blend that she said would relieve my hot flash symptoms. I was a little skeptical at first but thought, what do I have to lose? So Claudia made me a bottle of the hot flash blend, told me how to use it and sent me along my way.At the first sign of a hot flash beginning to heat my body up, I took out my blend and applied it as Claudia had directed. Almost immediately, the hot flash stopped heating my body and reversed itself. My body was cooling itself back to normal. I can't say enough about this blend. It's safe and natural. I love it and best of all, it works!!"
    StormyJean W. Missouri City, TX
  • "I was having a stressful time and Claudia was able to help me quickly get backing to feeling like normal. She is very professional, caring, and personable. I recommend her services without hesitation."
    Paul M., Imperial, CA
  • "Claudia is amazing! The environment is beautiful, it's like a dream land, and Claudia is very nice and understanding. Not only is the environment like a dream and Claudia the nicest person ever, but the hypnosis really helped me. I started seeing results within one session. I had been considering hypnosis for a long time, and I'm glad that I found Claudia. I highly recommend seeing her if your considering hypnosis."
    Kristen M., Katy, TX
  • "I was skeptical of the potential impact of hypnosis, especially for me, mainly because I had tried group sessions in the past that did not work. I thought that I could not be hypnotized. Then, I met Claudia. I had gained 60+ pounds in the past 4 years and I was not very healthy or happy about it. I started seeing results after the first session with Claudia targeting weight loss. I was in complete control while hypnotized so don't worry about that. During the second session, she added some suggestions about exercise and overall health. Since then, the weight is just flying off of me! I am going to the gym 3 times a week and I only desire healthy foods for my body. I enjoy my food again! What a change for me! Also, my blood pressure, blood sugar, and other medical tests are all favorable! My only regret is that I did not do this sooner! I highly recommend her services!"
    Kevin O., Houston, TX

More testimonials from Houston, Atlanta and New York coming...